Fort Dunlop- 35mm B/W iso 400 film

For the day job I work at Fort Dunlop in near Erdington, North East Birmingham.  These photographs are taken on the roof deck of the old Dunlop HQ, which was added by Urban Splash when they redeveloped the building into offices and retail. 

You get some great views of the city from the terrace, the Jaguar Landrover plant and the M6 which snakes past.

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35mm film 1 Westward Ho!

I took a 2nd camera to Hestward Ho! earlier this year, an Olympus OM-1n 35mm SLR which was kindly donated to me.  

I wanted to get away from the digital pictures that I’ve been taking for the last ten years.  I’ve been wanting to take B/W film stills since my Nikon FM2 35mm SLR was stolen from my student digs back in 2001.

This film was by no means perfect, but I think this is the beauty of it.  The film is actually quite grainy because I think forgot to set the ISO on the camera correctly.  A lesson learned! But this said there are a few images that I think came out well. 

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