IKEA ÅRGÅNG Collection – Mid Century Modern

I went on one of those internet searching sprees I sometimes go on last week. 

I got it in my head I wanted to replace one of the lounge chairs that looks like it belongs more in an office, than a living space.  So, rather than going for a knock off ‘Design Classic’ I was looking for refurbished Mid Century Modern Scandi design… but it turns out this is pricey!! 

You know something that looks like this… $999.00!! 

So I thought last resort… Lets try IKEA… sigh…

Imagine my surprise when it turns out IKEA have a collection called ÅRGÅNG which is a limited edition collection of some of IKEA’s greatest hits from the last century… 

Furthermore, their Ekenaset chair is exactly what I was looking for! Something understated to go with the knock off Eames Lounge (showy)  and the (on order) Gplan Vintage 67 sofa.

IKEA EKENASET Lounge Chair – £150.00 

In the same ‘greatest hits’ collection IKEA have re-launched their very first flatpack table. The 1956 Lövet table has been renamed Lovbacken, and it’s perfect for my retro modern living room! 

                                        IKEA LOVBACKEN Side Table – £40.00


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