Best 12* Records of 2015**

*not 12
**not necessarily the best records of 2015


Number 13. (Should be higher)
Courtney Barnett. Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. 
Can’t believe I forgot Courtney! Great story teller, great album… 

Number 12.

Stealing Sheep. Not Real. 
A highlight of Farm Festival, lovely woozy music for sitting in a field! 

Number 11.
Public Service Broadcasting. The Race For Space.
Saw them live this year, and especially fond of their blinky tin foil Sputnik! 

Number 10.
Squarepusher. Damogen Furies.
I heard an interview with Tom Jenkinson and Lauren Laverne on 6music mid morning, and hearing them play Baltang Ort almost made my face melt off at my desk at work! 

Number 9.
Daniel Avery. A New Energy- remixes
Looking forward to seeing him at the WHP Manchester on Saturday… Great new electronic music and some great remixes here! 

Number 8.
Jamie XX. In Colour. 
I like this record in spite of myself. Jamie xx is too clever for his own good. 

Number 7.
Ghostpoet. Shedding Skin. 
IMHO should have won the Mercury Prize. A melancholy highlight of 2015. 

Number 6.
Chvrches. Every Eye Open. 
Just a great modern electronic pop record. 

Number 5.
Beach House. Depression Cherry.
A lovely jangly record especially the single Sparks. 

Number 4.
Bicep. Just EP.
‘Just’ for 3AM in the Temple at Glastonbury… 
Number 3.
Hot Chip. Why Make Sense/ Dancing in the Dark EP.
The only band I saw twice in 2015, Love the record, and love them live!
Number 2.
New Order. Music Complete. 
An unexpected hit! Great return to form from New Order, and I can’t help but dance when I hear ‘Tutti Frutti’
Grimes. Art Angels
Simply my most played record of the year, I think this is just perfectly odd pop music! 

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