Glasto Gear Guide.

2015 will be my seventh year at Glastonbury Festival! So I thought I’d give a run down of the gear I’m taking this year. Because once a scout, always a scout…

I’m traveling down on the coach this year, so it all about only taking what’s necessary!  (almost)

First and most importantly… THE TICKET! You won’t get far without it!

Then you have to have somewhere to stay! – I’ve gone for an MSR Elixir 2.  Its a three season light weight 2 man tent, that’s surprisingly roomy in side! Can be pitched with and without the rain fly… being Glasto… I’m definitely pitching with the rain cover!!

The tent packs down small, and the whole thing including poles and pegs is only just over 2kg!
Now you’re dry, you want to be warm! I sleep on a Vango Trek Standard, self inflating sleeping mat, I’ve spent five nights on this and its really comfy! It also packs down pretty small! 
I love my sleeping bag! After a hard day watching bands, and a full night raving it up… you’ve got to have a warm cozy bag to crawl into!! Mine is possibly overkill for a British summertime festival… But I think its well worth it! Mine is a Nanok Comfort -5 Norwegian bag. 
So, it’s really unnessessary to take loads of food, or anything crazy to cook on, but it’s good to have a brew, or some huevos rancheros on the first morning! So I’m taking a Trangia Mini
You’re gonna neet to light the Trangia, and your mates are probably gonna ask you for a light at some point over the weekend, and what cooler way to make fire than a Zippo 1941 Replica lighter!

So, now you’re at the festival, your tent’s up and your bed and a cuppa are waiting for you back at camp… but you’re a little inebriated and its dark… and all the tents look like yours… you’re going to need to identify a route through the site and find your tent in the dark. That’s where the Maglite Mini LED comes in!

Probably frowned upon, but I think you always need to have a swiss knife with you when staying under canvas… y’know incase you need to cut a guy chord, or more likely to open a bottle of booze! Mine is a Viktorinox Soldier knife.

There is a system in place for recharging phones on site now but I don’t want to spend my time queuing up to exchange a phone charger… so I take my own. This is the Freeloader Pro with extended Solar cell.  This and another power block kept me charged all through last year.

Now to stay hydrated! I can’t afford the weight of crates of beer this year, so I’m going for the hard liquor approach.  A single malt in a plain brushed ss hip flask. 
Man cannot survive on whiskey alone… so a litre canteen for water is essential! 

 While stomping around site I take a rucksack and my Camel bak hydration bladder… equally good at holding gin and tonic, as water…

 I take a waterproof box with all my odds and ends in, Painkillers, House key, pen, spare batteries, bin bags, Tea bags mending patches.

One of the most important things other than a wash kit is a big pack of baby wipes! This is how you wash.. for a week… 

You’ll have to carry all this gear for BLOODY MILES across the site at the start and end, so you really can’t beat a quality rucksack.  mine is a North Face Tera 65… its a cracking bag!

I’ve not mentioned clothes, because we all know about clothes… just make sure you’ll be dry, warm, and comfortable… that goes for footwear too. After years of putting it off, I’ve succumb to wellies… hateful things but they are the only real way to wade ankle deep in mud for days on end.

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