Even More Great Music – 2013

2013 continues to churn out fantastic quality albums! Here are five more new records I’ve been listening to recently.

Dynamics, by Holy Ghost! is a really good pop record.  Heavily inspired by synth pop of yore, using production straight from the DFA school of “slap a cowbell on it.”  A  number of tracks could easily sit alongside parts of the Drive Soundtrack in a playlist titled “Great 80s Inspired Modern Synth Pop Hits” Stand out track: Dumb Disco Ideas.

Factory Floor, by Factory Floor.  ANOTHER DFA release!  In one word I would describe this album as rigorous.  The beats here are hard, and repetitive.  The tracks sit inside the space between your ears and feel almost three dimensional.  Each piece is infinitely crafted and sculpted, and sparse.  An incredible début, and I’m very excited about seeing these guys create these tracks live in Manchester in December! 

Rewind The Film, by Manic Street Preachers.  I used to be a huge MSP fan… back in the day… Now I always come to a new Manics album release with a certain amount of trepidation.  This record sees the Manics wrestling with the fear of, and the realities of middle age. The blistering G’n’R guitars of old are missing here, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  In their place MSP bring a melancholy they have always possessed to the fore.  Seemingly not so hung up on the past glories and tragedies, MSP now playing beautifully written songs of time passing. 

Seasons of Your Day, by Mazzy Star. Ah! I just love the way Hope Sandoval’s voice sounds so effortless and unaffected.  The guitar shimmers and her voice glides over the top of the songs here. There is real longing in the track California. 

Wild Light, by 65daysofstatic. I’ve been lucky enough to see 65days twice already this year, the last time they played Prisms and Taipai for the first time ever live! I absolutely love this band, and I love this album. This record  will be playing at the party at the end of the world! 

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