Project SingleSpeed

I’m not a hipster… Honest. I just have some slight hipsteresque tendencies. Yes, I enjoy needlessly retro black and white film photography… Yes, I enjoy some hipster music (LCD Soundsystem and DFA records)… And now I have my own single speed push bike!

I’d been umming and erring about buying a fully assembled fixie for a while, but I thought that would be cheating a bit and go against the fixie/single ethos. About this time I’d been looking at a city break to Copenhagen, and the single speed bike seemed to be the go-to mode of transport for most Copenhagenites.  So I got on to the guys and gals at the Birmingham Cyclist forum and asks if anyone had an old steel frame or bike that could be converted to a single. A nice chap called Tim answered my post and offered me an almost perfect frame. It is a partially converted Team Raleigh Europa steel framed road bike. I snapped his hand off!

Below are a few before and after pics.

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