Abvio Cyclemeter iPhone App Review

I’ve been using this iPhone app cycle computer all last summer and again this spring.

As far as I can see this app has everything you could want from a GPS cycle computer, apart from maybe integrated wind direction and speed.

When you open the app you can choose to create a new route, or pick a route you’ve previously ridden.

When you start your ride in the stopwatch view, the app gives you realtime information on your ride time, distance gone, speed, distance remaining, average speed, and fastest speed.

During your ride the app tracks your location using the phones GPS and plots your route using google maps.

As you can see from the screen shots, the GPS tracking is very accurate and maps your position even when not following roads or paths.

After your ride Cyclemeter records each trip on a calendar, which you can sync with iCal and keep track of your total distance and average speeds. If you’re anything like me and enjoy racing against yourself it’s great seeing how far behind your best ride you are, and how many km you have ridden in a month. All this data is summarised when you finish your ride.

Speed and elevation data is plotted on graphs, it’s not that useful but it’s a nice feature to have.

This is a really useful app and really easy to use, you can even share your rides with the world via twitter, or Facebook, if that’s your bag.


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