How to be an architect in 10 easy steps.

1. Be Naive.
If you get into architecture, you probably did it because you like buildings, like art, like graphic design… You probably didn’t get into it to be a business man, or spend your time writing fee bids, arguing with planners, builders and clients, filling in PQQs and trying not to get sued! They don’t tell you anything about any of this as you embark on your marathon of architectural education. It’s all Zaha this, and Leibskind that, and look! You can change the world through buildings! You can’t… But as potential architects we believe them, that is why 99% of architects are naive!

2. Black Sweater.
It’s the oldest architect cliche in the book. If you’re really going for it, go the whole hog and get a black roll neck sweater and wear it under a jacket or blazer to complete the cliche architect look.

 [not my image]

3. Chair Fetish.
Looked at this in a previous post, my house is full of architect cliche design classic furniture. It doesn’t matter that it’s a cliche, you gotta love an Eames lounge chair.

4. Ride a Bike.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a Brompton or a Bianchi, there is a bike out there to suit your architect lifestyle!

5. Technology.
iPhone, MacBook, AirTunes, digital camera, CAD, blog, 3D, Photoshop, it’s both a blessing and a curse. Deep down you know you love it!

6. Tedious internal monologue.
Oo… Look at the detailing on that balustrade! ‘Nuff said.

[not my image]

7. Browse Archdaily and Dezeen in your free time…
… And wish you got to work on anything half as interesting as one of those projects.

8. Develop a general distrust and dislike of the local planning department.
They will never understand why that house extension should be constructed out of shuttered concrete and charred wood.

9. Mortgage your twenties.
Partly due to the length of education and training, partly due to the years of low pay and stress. Expect to develop one of the following architecture related injuries. Headaches and bad eyes, RSI in your mouse clicking hand, or back pain from the hours of being hunched over A drawing board or keyboard.

10. Be a cynic.
I know it goes against No. 1 to be both cynical and naive, but I don’t think I know a single architectural professional who isn’t a little bit of a bitter and twisted cynic.


One Reply to “How to be an architect in 10 easy steps.”

  1. you need more comments. There's some funny stuff here! But come on, you have to go into more detail about what kinds of bikes, exactly, architects should be choosing from. Surely not mainstream chinese made Giants?

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