Dinosaur Records V.s iTunes

[not my image]

Every once in a while There a cd comes out that I’ve been looking forward to enough to want a hard copy of the album in my hand! After seeing LCD Soundsystem last month, I was looking forward to the release of the new album! So I walked into town today to pick a copy up from Swordfish Records, little indipendant shop.. It reminded me why independant record shops are a disappearing breed! On first entering all seemed as it should be… Middle aged, long haired man sat miserably behind the counter… Kraftwerk on the hi fi… But the place was dark! I mean so dark I could barely see the CD sleaves! And it stunk of damp and mould! And the icing on the cake, when I asked the surly aged progger if he had a copy of new LCD CD he just snarled and shook his head, lank grey hair flopping about in front of his miserable face!

Great I thought, leaving the shop, HMV it is then… But thinking about it I realised I could have just downloaded it from iTunes all along, without wasting my lunch hour, and without ruining my views on record shops! Two minutes after leaving swordfish, it was downloaded and I listened to it on the walk back to the office!

It’s not a bad album either on first listen…


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