Introductions are hard. ‘this is who I am’ ‘I go here, I do this, I like these things and I hate those things’…

So it’s time to get introductions out of the way. I am for the moment Modulor Man. That might change. I am a citizen of Birmingham. West Midlands not Alabama! I work for a small architects practice in the city, and I have aspirations to cycle to work this summer. I am 27 years old, and having trouble reconciling the reality of the architectural profession with the vision I was sold through architecture education. I like some music, I like some films, I like some books, I like some architecture, I am a geek. I have a passing interest in several sports. I do drawings for money.

‘Architects ride bicycles’… Well, some do, others drive Volvos, Saabs, Smart cars, and some take the train. I was dwelling on the coincidence that many of my colleages and contemporaries have taken to either recreational cycling, or cycle commuting, and it struck me that there might be something linking the green credentials of the two wheeled transport and the struggle the proffession has between a sustainability agenda, a love of technology and the form/function merger/ clash. But then again… It might be I have cycling on the brain.

Kraftwerk liked bikes… And they studied architecture…

I am at the coal face. Not an actual coal face, more of a Mac face. BBC 6music and Radio4 get me through the day. Tea helps. RSI and headaches hinder. Isn’t being a high minded professional a bitch.

Save 6 music!!


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